Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aftermath of Zoo Trip ;)

Caden had a nice bath, and Daddy had fun cleaning up Caden's accident that he had while in the tub as I mentioned in the post below! *lol*

Trip #3 to the Calgary Zoo

Jeff, Caden and I went to the zoo today and Caden had so much fun! The hippos, stingrays, meerkat, budgies, and elephants were his favourites. He did a little sucking on glass as you can see from the photos (I guess he was giving kisses to the animals inside- gross, I know!) and if he saw puddles on the ground he didn't hesitate to play in them. So when we stopped in to see Grammie and Uncle Stephen on the way home Mommy made sure to give Caden a well-deserved bath. And he had an accident in the tub *grin* so Daddy had fun cleaning up the mess! ;) What a day!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Little Helper

We finally moved the bigger computer out of Caden's room and put in in our room, and Caden made sure to help Daddy the best he knew how. He crawled all over Jeff and got in his way- I thought it was funny. :) He helps Mommy wash the dishes and he helps Daddy build towers. He also helps to make a mess as you can see in one of the pictures! ;)

We're Still Here... :)

I was just thinking how I haven't written anything in a while, so tonight I'm catching up. :) Caden has been growing and doing new things every day as usual. He is starting to say little sentences now- yesterday when we picked up Jeff he said "Hi, Dad!". It was SO cute! And this morning after breakfast Caden handed Jeff his plate and said "Daddy, all done". He is so cute! Today he unloaded all of his plastic balls and put them under the table for some strange reason! :) He loves to play with his blocks/lego and can spend atleast 30 minutes building towers. His Baby Einstein obsession has fizzled out, and he is finally starting to like books and puzzles. Caden is getting so smart- he knows where squares, circles, triangles, etc. go in his puzzle and he is very good at those wood puzzles. I think he is going to be smart like his Daddy. :) Caden loves to gives kisses now, and he has been calling me "Mamie" instead of "Mommy" lately! :) He can meow now (he's very talented!) and is just blowing us away every day with the things he comes up with. It is so much fun watching your little one change and grow.