Saturday, November 28, 2009

Birthday Bash :)

Caden and Cayleigh's little friend, George, turned 1 recently and today the kids went over for a little party. On the way home Caden said, "I had so much fun, Mommy!". Cayleigh thoroughly enjoyed herself as well- she walked all around, ate and played (her favourite things *smiles*). :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brotherly/Sisterly Love :)

There is no doubt that Cayleigh adores her big brother and, although Cayleigh annoys Caden tons, he loves her too. :) I love these pictures. Caden looks out for Cayleigh all the time and always has to know where she is. When we were in Edmonton he was very concerned that we were going to lose her, so he took the liberty of watching out for her. They slept in the same room of our hotel and the two of them giggled and giggled for a long time before they finally fell asleep. When Baby comes I don't know if we dare move Cayleigh in with Caden- they'll be up all night! We'll see... :)

Fun in Edmonton :)

We took the kids to Edmonton on the weekend and it was so much fun! Tiring, but fun! ;) Caden and Cayleigh LOVED the sealion show, the aquarium, seeing Uncle Nathan and Auntie Holly, swimming in the pool...

I couldn't resist putting up a picture of Cayleigh with her blankie and elephant the day after we got back. She carries them everywhere, just like her big brother, and I think it is the cutest thing! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fun Ages and Stages!

I think 1 is the absolute cutest age! Cayleigh toddles all around the house with Ella and her blankie and looks so small to be carrying such a huge load! She can say a lot of words now- "MOMMA, DADDA, CUP, UP, AIRP (for airplane), TITTY (for kitty), CHOO CHOO (for train), ELWA (for her elephant, Ella), HOT... and probably a few more that I can't think of at the moment. I can tell her, "Go to Grampie/Grammie, Cayleigh" and she'll go to the right person. I can ask her where the fish is and she'll walk to the tank. I can tell her to go to her chair and she will. She can even get her cup when I ask her to. She is a smart little girl, and she is adorable. She doesn't care where Mommy and Daddy are- she just wants to walk and explore.

Caden's tantrum phase is finished and for that we are extremely thankful! He is napping again too which is wonderful. It seems like we always have a rough patch after a birthday, but then he settles down. His quote of the day is, "Mommy, boys can't have babies but girls can play hockey too!". He is still our little preacher and plays pastor multiple times a day. I can hear him singing as I type! ;)

We are going to Edmonton for the weekend and we are all excited. Jeff has been really busy lately so we're going to have a weekend of fun. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ultrasound Pictures :)

Take a guess and let us know whether you think it's a boy or a girl. :) After this ultrasound I am leaning towards girl but Jeff thinks boy. Before the ultrasound I was thinking this baby was a boy. I guess we'll wait and see. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Few More...

I'm not sure why but I always seem to load pictures in the wrong order. ;) I took a picture of Caden helping Jeff take the garbage out. It is so cute- Caden will say, "Mommy, you can't take the garbage out because it is a man's job. Just Daddy and I can take the garbage out." I just love my little man! :) We started giving him an allowance today. He is good at helping and we thought it'd be good to teach him to save early on. He gets $1 a week, and tonight he took a dime out to put in the offering at church tomorrow. :) My little boy is growing up.

There are 2 pictures of my boys in their Flames jerseys. I am updating this blog as my sweet husband sits beside me watching the hockey game that is starting. ;) Caden would be right by his side if he wasn't in bed sleeping.

There is also a picture of Baby Jones #3 at 20 weeks. I feel like my belly just popped out today. I'm sure it will pop out A LOT more! :S

*Be sure to check out the video and other new post I put up today*

She's Not a Baby Anymore- She's a Toddler

Telus World of Science

We were all feeling better today and were in serious need of an outing, so we went to the Science Centre. We all still have coughs but Jeff and I felt as though we actually had some energy today. Caden is still not himself but he is improving thankfully. The kids loved the Science Centre! Cayleigh walked and walked all over the place. She doesn't crawl anymore, and yesterday she started running! I hope you like the pictures! :)

Every time we go to the Science Centre we like to make face/handprints in the pin boards they have. And Caden and Cayleigh LOVE watcing Daddy be silly and try everything out. ;) Caden especially loved the tractor, and he stayed in it for a long time. Jeff and I tried lying on a bed of nails which was neat! I love the pictures of Jeff and Caden measuring their brain activity. Caden was "Player 2". Too funny! Of course the kids LOVED playing in the water, and I know Cayleigh would have stayed there ALL day if we had let her. I had to change her because she soaked herself! She is a very smart baby. I would take her away from the water area and she would remember where it was and walk straight back every time. Caden and Cayleigh also liked stepping on the shapes and seeing them light up and play music. The last picture I posted was of Caden painting. He made a flag and painted a "star". I thought it was a very nice star! ;) We had a fun day!