Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Babies :)

It is so cute watching Caden and Cayleigh together. They really do love each other, and Cayleigh ADORES her big brother. :) She is always watching him and laughing at him, and Caden loves to talk her ear off (as well as anyone else who will listen *hee hee*).

I've been trying to get Cayleigh to learn how to take a bottle and she did take one yesterday, but it took forever. I tried again last night, but no luck. It's breastmilk and everything, but she still won't take it. She'll take solid food- baby oatmeal, rice cereal, pears, applesauce and carrots so far. She loves it. But she refuses the bottle. Jeff and I really want her to take one so we can go out for dinner and a movie some night soon without our preciuos baby. ;) We'll see... Cayleigh is a stubborn little girl.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Proud of Our Potty Trainee :)

Jeff and I are SO proud of Caden. :) I haven't had to change a diaper in what feels like forever, and the past 2 days he has gone and done #2 all on his own. He'll come and get me to show me what he did (a little gross, I know) and then he gets a sticker for his chart and a treat. So he's potty trained at home but still holds it when we go out and is always a little wet in the morning. He'll get up and go in the night but he's still always wet. There's still work to do... But we're proud of him. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sick Babes :(

Last night was awful. Caden starting getting sick too and was very feverish. Today he is all flushed, says his tummy hurts, and right now his temperature is 38.2. :( And Cayleigh is still sick too. I also don't feel well, so all 3 of us stayed in this morning. I took pictures of my sick, sleeping little ones, and a picture of how Caden looks right now- all tired and flushed. Jeff just got back from church and he is out getting a slurpie for Caden. He isn't eating or drinking so we think a slurpie will do the trick. I hope so.

Another Day at the Zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo and it was so much fun! It feels great taking our 2 children now (it was Cayleigh's first trip there)- our family feels more complete. :) Poor Cayleigh was sick with an awful cold but we went anyway. She did great. And Caden LOVED it! He saw otters and had fun with Daddy as they rubbed a dime along the tank and watched the otter chase it. Caden especially loved the ducks! Today he said, "Mommy, I feed the ducks. The ducks tried eat my hand, Mommy!". He loved feeding them and chasing them. His feet got all muddy as he did that so I took a picture of Daddy cleaning him off in a snowbank. There was still snow on the ground in bits and pieces but it was so beautiful and warm out. Jeff and I were in T-shirts part of the time. Today our car is buried in snow but that's Calgary for you... ;)

We also took pictures of the bears, porcupines, and hippos. Sorry- there are no giraffe pictures as the giraffes were a bit frisky and this is a family post *smiles*. Let's just say that little Richard (the baby giraffe) will probably have a baby brother or sister in the near future. Hee hee... ;)

And I also took a picture of Cayleigh grabbing the tag on the back of Caden's stroller seat. She'll do that forever. Small things amuse small little minds I guess. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet Giggles

It's almost 10:00 pm (sorry it's so dark) and she's still going strong... ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Green Goblin and Hockey Night In Canada

Caden did two things today that gave us a good laugh:

Putting Villains In Their Place

Erin took him to "McOdon's" today for a treat. With his Happy Meal, he got an action figure. When he asked what it was, Mommy explained that "This is the Green Goblin. He's naughty - he wants to give Spiderman owies."

When they got home from "McOdon's, Caden put the Green Goblin in timeout. That'll learn 'im.

Grampie Would Be Proud

Just as we were getting ready for bed, after Caden had been asleep for four hours, we heard him moaning from his room and went to see what was wrong. He was sitting on the side of the bed, tears running down his cheeks. When Mommy asked him why he was awake and what he wanted, he answered, "I want watch hockey."

This is at 11 PM.

While there might have been a late game on the West Coast still going, I figured he could wait till the Flames are back in action on Wednesday. "Yes, Caden. The road trip's finally over now. Red is good again. White is naughty."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Poor Daddy!

Here is a better picture of Jeff getting his lips stretched... ;)

Sweet Cayleigh

There are no pictures of Caden posted this time because no shots would be "G" rated (he's naked from the waste down until he poops on the potty- it's the only way he'll go. Usually it's all over the floor but that's beside the point *lol* He can pee on the potty and is 100% trained that way, but not for the other yet...). Cayleigh is 5 months old and every day I feel like she's growing too fast. We just love her! I put up a picture of her asleep in her jolly jumper (her FAVOURITE toy) and another precious shot of her asleep in her crib. And don't you like the picture of her grabbing her Daddy's mouth? ;) Poor Jeff- she really did hurt him from pulling so hard. It was funny!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Big Girl!

Doesn't she look so cute in that big chair? :) As I said below, she LOVES her rice cereal, but isn't so fond of bananas as you can tell... We're just going to stick with the cereal for a while and introduce more when she's closer to the 6- month mark.

Nap Time and Potty Time... :S

Cayleigh is starting to nap again (thank goodness!) but her nights are still rough. She only sleeps 3-4 hours straight and then is up every 1 1/2- 2 hours the rest of the night. We started her on solids when she turned 5 months because she was eating every 1 1/2 hours night and day and never seemed satisfied. It lasted for weeks so we knew it wasn't just a growth spurt. She LOVES her rice cereal and, although she still gets up in the night, she can go longer stretches without eating and seems a lot happier.

I found the perfect crib set for Cayleigh- one with butterflies and flowers. As soon as our basement is all finished I'm going to decorate Caden and Cayleigh's rooms. I've decided on a flower/butterfly room for Cayleigh- I'm going to get little white picket fences and do a border around her room with butterflies and flowers along the fences. For Caden I'm going to do a construction room. I found the perfect duvet cover for Caden but I haven't picked it up yet.

Caden is doing great potty training. He can go and pee just fine, and is trained that way. It's the other that he's having trouble with. I had another special hand delivery today (you figure it out *Ugh*) and a mess ALL over his room, but after that he did go in the potty. We thought the worst was over, but as soon as his night diaper was on he had another gift for us. We'll keep working on it, but he's doing great. We just started 1 week ago today and he's had no wet diapers for atleast 4-5 days...

Skating :)

On Friday Caden went skating for the first time with Grammie and Grampie. He had so much fun! And then on Saturday Grammie took him for the day to watch Grampie's hockey game. Caden loves his grandparents and we are blessed to have a family that loves our kids so much. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Potty Training :S

Yesterday I started potty training Caden. I have tried many times before, but this time I'm determined to be successful. He's been doing great with the #1's (I'll use the polite terms *smiles*) and has only had 2 accidents in 2 days. We have to let him be naked from the waste down and he does great- hey, he's learning! ;) If he has underwear or training pants on he gets them wet, but if he's naked he goes to the potty every time and has no accidents. He's terrified he'll pee on the floor. We're having trouble with the #2's though. Yesterday he pooped on the floor, put half of it in his frying pan and the other half in his hand and brought it out to me... Don't ask! :S What a mess!!! It was all over the door, the floor... It was awful. And today he is purposely holding it because he's afraid to put it in the potty. Tomorrow I have a Mom's group so I don't know how he'll do, but we'll give it a shot. Don't worry- he'll be fully clothed! ;) Jeff and I are very proud of him. We think he's doing great for this only being his second day. :)

5 Months Today

Here are Cayleigh's 5 month shots. I can't put up all her old ones yet because we got a new computer and the other ones are on the hard drive I guess... Isn't she a cutie? :)