Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Little Boy Turns 3 :)

On Caden's birthday I woke him up at 7:00 so he could open a few gifts before Jeff had to go to work. He was excited to find balloons upstairs and played with them for a bit. The he wanted to open Grandma's gift first and he got a duplo set that he loves. As you can tell from the photos, both Caden and Cayleigh thoroughly enjoyed Grandma's gift! Caden keeps it in his room and plays with it several times a day. :)

You can see the picture of our sleepy little man being woken up by Mommy. ;) You can also see a sleepy Cayleigh who had to be in on the action of gift opening. We got Caden a playdough set, stickers, and some trucks. Those gifts were a hit as well. He was a happy boy!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Continuation of "Our Little Boy Turns 3!" :)

In the post above I showed the picture of the bithday wishes from Caden's little cousin, Kyle, from NB. We actually haven't met him yet but we will in 2 weeks and I can't wait! Caden's Uncle Greg, Auntie Meri, and little Kyle got him a microphone that is the same brand as his lovely drum set... ;) Caden LOVED it. He immediately ran downstais, got his Bible and little xylophone that he thinks is a piano, and had a church service. Thank you, Meredith. :)

You can see Caden and Cayleigh's little friend Catie. She is only a few months older than Cayleigh. Some of Caden's friends came over for a few hours and they were busy to say the least! There are pictures of Henry and Caden and little George and Catie.

Grammie and Grampie Jones came over and they got Caden candy, a big garbage truck and a firetruck that make all sorts of noises. Caden was thrilled! He played with them ALL afternoon, and he even shared with Cayleigh which was impressive. Caden got a phone call from his best friend/cousin, December, who is in California and they had a good little chat. I'm going to add that Caden was in a timeout when he got the call but it was long distance so I made an exception *hee hee*.

So the kids played and played. When Daddy got home Caden opened his last gift from Grammie and Grampie Fairgrieve (AKA Grammie and Grampie Grieve). He got a Thomas train set that hooks on to the tracks he already has and he was so happy. I left that gift until Jeff got home so he could put it together, and Caden played with it until bedtime.

I made a cake that was nowhere near impressive, but it was yummy. You can tell from the pictures that both Caden and Cayleigh enjoyed it. ;)

Of course I took my annual photo of Caden- the shot of him sleeping around the time he was born. He's a special little boy. We were glad he had a special day. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Party #2 :)

The day before Caden's birthday his Auntie Holly, Uncle Nathan and their mischevious dog, Chloe, came to visit. They got Caden a little drum set and he LOVES it. He plays it every day. Thank you, Holly and Nathan, for getting Caden loud annoying gifts *smiles*. Cayleigh is always right in on the action as you can tell. :)

We took Caden bowling and he was so happy his Uncle Nathan could come- Nathan is Caden's hero. ;)

Jeff is just finishing up a book so I decided to post 1 more set of pictures. I will hopefully be able to post the actual b-day photos tomorrow to get caught up on this blog.

Party #1 :)

About 2 weeks before Caden's birthday we threw him a party. December was leaving for California in a matter of days and Caden wanted to have a party with her. She is his absolute best friend and he loves her so much. Brad, Kristin, December and little Isaac got Caden a new "Abbey". I had been looking everywhere for a second one because his old Abbey is getting a little scraggly and I'm fearful each new washing will be her last. Caden calls her "The Other Abbey" and she is tucked neatly on his bed with Abbey. He carried both of them around for days but now it is just Abbey. I am so happy that we have "The Other Abbey" just incase!

I have a TON more pictures to post of Caden's 2 other parties, but I will do that tomorrow hopefully.