Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Wake up, Caden, and play with me!"

We don't make Caden nap anymore but today he was so tired after a Mom's group that he wanted a nap. When Cayleigh woke up we went down to wake Caden. Cayleigh loves to go in and wake him up. She'll run to his room, go over to his bed, and try to give him kisses. We have a mattress in Caden's room for Cayleigh to play on because in the next 6 months she'll be sharing a room with him. They love to play around on that mattress. They will have matching beds and we've decided to get Cayleigh a Dora comforter and Caden a Diego one. And we're going to decorate the walls with Dora and Diego. It'll be cute. :)

Once Cayleigh woke up Caden they played for a bit while I got some pictures. They play really well together (although sometimes Caden can be a bit too rough). Cayleigh will chase him around the house with her stroller and they'll giggle- it is so cute!

After their play-time they watched a "Mighty Machines" video (Cayleigh only for a few minutes before heading upstairs to play with her dollies). I love my little ones. :)

Sick Babies :(

Yesterday was the first day no one was throwing up in our house... What an awful bug we all caught. You can see from the pictures that Caden and Cayleigh didn't feel well at all (although Cayleigh did enjoy watching "Elmo Pets" on the portable DVD player). She'd wine "Elmo! Elmo!". Cayleigh still isn't 100% and we're having trouble getting her to settle in bed tonight. I think she's getting 3 more teeth on top of not feeling quite herself. Hopefully she'll be back to normal soon.


On Family Day we took the kids to the zoo and, as always, they had a great time there. The pictures aren't the greatest because I only got their backs in most of the shots. But they're still cute! ;) They got to watch some elephants have a bath and they loved it. Most of you know both Caden and Cayleigh LOVE elephants and carry Abbey and Ella (their stuffed elephants) with them everywhere. :)

The day after the zoo Cayleigh was the first to come down with an awful flu that lasted 7 days. We were glad we got out because the week following our zoo trip was definitely a long one...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's about time for a new post!

Sorry it has taken FOREVER for me to post on here. We've been busy getting ready for baby and I get tired out more quickly these days. I'm almost done sorting through all the clothes and washing them, and this weekend we are getting a dresser for Cayleigh and I need to move all her clothes downstairs and put the baby's things in her room. We're going to keep the baby in our room until Cayleigh is ready to go downstairs and share a room with her brother. We're also getting new mattresses for both kids this weekend and we'll put Cayleigh's on the floor in Caden's room so she can get used to it. Caden is excited to have her down with him. :) It'll be nice to be all organized and feel ready- I'm just about 34 weeks so I want to have everything ready by 36 weeks just incase baby comes early.

Jeff and I are taking Bradley classes and are hoping for a natural delivery this time. We'll see what happens...

I posted a picture from my birthday (and one of Jeff goofing off that makes me laugh). It was such a nice day and Jeff made it really special. :) He wrote a poem that I'll post for those of you who don't have facebook. I like to share it because he writes the most beautiful poems and it was a very special gift. I love him. :) Here it is:

New views, new scenes
New friends, new life
You don't know how you'll do
New roads, new streets
New job, new home
It's harder than you knew

And even with your doubts
Yet still you tough it out
And look how proud I am of you

What a friend you were, my love
What a gift God gave
What a partner you'd become
I'd never been so proud


A sleepless night
A tortured rest
It echoes through the walls
A little voice
A tearful cry
You stumble down the hall

You hold her to your chest
You calm her till she rests
And then you try to sleep once more

What a friend you were, my love
What a gift God gave
What a mother you'd become
I'd never been so proud


Another chore
Another bill
It never seems to end
Another need
Another trip
And so you go again

You're always on the run
You somehow get it done
And I don't see the half of it

What a friend you were, my love
What a gift God gave
What a helper you'd become
I'd never been so proud


Through it all, you've been right there
My rock, my strength, my love
A wife of quality so rare
The hand of God above

What a friend you are, my love
What a gift God's given
What a wife you've always been
I've never been so proud


Everyone is doing well. Caden and Cayleigh are getting cuter by the minute. Caden continues to preach and has church services all day long. Jeff gave him a ukelele that he had when he was in grade 4 and that doesn't help matters. I hear, "Then sings my soul!!!" all day long. Caden says he's a pastor. Yesterday he carried in a bag of groceries for me and threw it when we got inside. I said, "Caden, you don't throw groceries!". He said, "I'm sorry, Mommy." I then told him I forgave him and he said, "I forgive you too, Mommy. We're sinners." I couldn't help but laugh. My little man. ;)

Cayleigh is talking more and more and she's starting to assert herself. She thinks she's in charge. A few days ago she walked up to Jeff and smacked him (it only felt like a gentle touch to giant Daddy). She gave him a "how dare you not give me what I want look" and Jeff couldn't help but chuckle at his 20-something pound opponent. She does have a temper but she's generally a happy little girl who's content to do her own thing yet still loves lots of cuddles. I hope this baby is easy like Cayleigh was as a baby.

Well, this post is all over the place but it feels like I'm all over the place these days trying to keep up with day-to-day chores, give attention to the kids, keep them entertained, and get ready for baby. Hopefully by the end of next week things will feel normal for a short while before we're super busy again. But we're thankful and wouldn't have things any other way.

Hope everyone is well. :)