Sunday, April 29, 2007

Discovery of fat rolls- need I say more? :)


The first 2 pictures are of Caden and Morty- the stuffed elephant that Nicole gave him while she was here. Caden LOVES that elephant, and we love it too because it helps Caden go to sleep at bedtime! :) The last 2 nights Caden has been crying away, but once we put Morty in his arms he stops. Cute, eh?

Then there is a picture of my boys that I took yesterday on our little balcony. Jeff doesn't like it when I dress Caden to look like him. And I tell Jeff that it is just a coincidence that Caden looks like him... *grin* :)

And then there are 2 more pictures that I took yesterday. We went to the park and Caden really liked the swings. That is the first time he has been on a swing on a playgroud- the one here doesn't have any swings. Caden was smiling and laughing. Don't you love his hat? We think he is the cutest little guy ever! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I put Caden in the laundry basket today while I was folding clothes and the next thing I knew Caden was standing up in the laundry basket and he was looking at me! Luckily I was right there so he didn't tip the basket! I couldn't believe it! And today he has been crawling up a storm and is into everything. He moves fast and gets at the computer cords, the TV stand, the book shelves, the cats... Needless to say that Mommy and Daddy are taking a trip to Canadian tire tomorrow to get stuff to baby proof this house! Caden is growing up too fast!

Getting Back to Normal

Well, Caden has slept through the entire night for 2 nights now and I am SO SO thankful! :) He slept from 8:00-7:00 and last night Jeff and I slept straight from 10:00-7:00! You might think that it is weird for me to write so much about how much sleep I get, but just wait until you have a baby! :)

When Nicole was here Caden would not go to bed until we did, and that was often 10:00-11:00... And he would wake up atleast 2 or 3 times every night and he just wanted me. That was frustrating, and we didn't want him to wake Nicole so we didn't let him cry. Now that he is back in his own room and his own crib (not the pack 'n play) he is doing great. He is back on a schedule- taking about a 1 1/2-2 hour nap in the morning and afternoon and going to bed at 8:00pm. I got him weighed today and he is 19 lbs 1.5 ounces. He is in the 50th percentile for weight. He isn't gaining as fast as some babies but he is happy and healthy and that is all that matters. He loves his snacks! I give him cheerios and fruit in the afternoon and at bedtime. Or he'll get crackers or some other finger food. He loves to eat and that is a good thing. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Cute Pictures

Caden is SO hard to change now because he just won't sit still! I know he'll just get busier as the days go by! :)

The Zoo

Sorry it has been so long since I have put pictures up... My very good friend, Nicole, came all the way from NB to visit and we've been busy shopping, going to Banff, bowling, and yesterday we went to the zoo... Caden LOVED the zoo (especially the fish) as you can see from the pictures and so did we! There is a picture of Caden with his new stuffed elephant, Morty, that his "Auntie" Nicole got for him while at the zoo. Isn't it a cute picture? :)

The weather was SO nice yesterday so I am glad we picked that day to go to the zoo. I have wanted to go for a long time but it just never worked out. And we were lucky we went yesterday because for some reason they gave us free passes so we didn't have to pay at all. Jeff, Nicole, and I had a great time. I loved the hippos the best- you could watch them swim and then they would get out of the water and go and bake in the sun. They are huge and kind of gross. I had never seen a hippo before.

When Nicole and I went to Banff Caden stayed with Daddy and they did well. :) Caden is still joined to Mommy at the hip but he is great with Jeff if I am gone (for the most part :) Nicole and I went up the gondola at Banff and we went to the hotsprings and did some shopping. What am I going to do now that things have slowed down a bit? Hmm... :)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cutie :)

These are just some cute pictures. I love dressing Caden in his little sweater vests, hats, and sometimes I try to dress him like Jeff but Jeff doesn't like that very much! Jeff is sleeping right now- I actually feel rested this morning. Last night we went to Jeff's parents' and Caden spent a lot of time with Grammie. He loves Grammie. She is his next favourite person aside from us. And when we were in NB my Mom was his next favourite person- she could calm him and make him laugh. He doesn't care much for men... Jeff says that is a good thing! :) So he played with his Grammie Jones and then fell asleep on her, and he was asleep from 9:30 until 7:00 this morning. We left at about 10:00 and Caden slept through the night and I was able to sleep from about 11:00-7:00 straight. Well, I guess that is all I will write for now. Have a great Saturday! :)

Helping Daddy

Caden just loves to help Daddy! When Jeff is busy working on the computer, Caden will help him by shutting off the computer and by tugging at the cords! It was so cute- Jeff was busy working away and all of a sudden the screen went black because Caden shut off the computer! Now that Caden can crawl he is into EVERYTHING (he has been crawling for about 3 weeks or so but he is just getting more busy with it now). He doesn't crawl the greatest yet, but he is learning and he is able to drag himself all over the place. Nothing can slow this little guy down. He went after Felix 3 times this morning and each time I had to go and get him and put him back in his room. And each time I did that he would crawl back out to Felix. Caden has a mind of his own! :)

Our Walk

A few days ago I took some pictures of the mountains when we went for a short walk around our place. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the mountains much better. It has been SO nice here- I haven't even needed a coat. Caden LOVES his walks!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well, it is just after 8:00 and Caden is in bed. He went into a milk coma after his bottle and that is the easiest way to put him to sleep! :) He can go to sleep without a bottle but it is nice to put him to bed without tears running down his little face.
Tuesdays are a hard day for me because Jeff has to work until 9:00, and he does the same on Thursdays. So I am exhausted. Jeff is the best Dad in the whole world and he helps out whenever he can, but being by myself all evening is still tiring. Oh well... Caden had his first "finger food" today- he wasn't full after sweet potatoes, beef and veggies, pears and applesauce, so I searched the cupboards for something to give him and found an unsalted cracker. Caden took it and ate it like you or I would- I was shocked! I got the camcorder out and took pictures (the last one I put up) and was a retarded Mom! I know! :)
So Sunday night we went out with some friends and Caden did well. He spit up all over DJ's fairly new white carpet and stained it... I felt bad. But Caden had a great time. He fell asleep at 7:00, but when we got home at 10:00 Caden decided that he wanted to play and there are pictures (the top 2) of Caden in our bed. He was SO SO SO happy to be with us! Jeff and I look terrible because we were exhausted. DJ lives about an hour away from us so it was a long drive. We had to let poor Caden cry himself to sleep but he forgave us in the morning. :)
What else? Tomorrow I am going to take Caden to a play group and then we'll hang out with Daddy who is off at noon tomorrow. Next Wednesday my friend, Nicole, from NB is coming and I am so excited! I have a shopping trip planned, a trip to Banff and to the zoo... I still need to run this by Nicole! But it'll be good to see her, and then we'll be going home at the end of June for my sister, Meredith's wedding.
I guess that is all for now. I am wiped so I am just going to relax until Jeff gets home. Bye for now!

Monday, April 9, 2007

He's Alive!

I know many of you have had sleepless nights because you were worrying about Felix... :) Well, he is alive so you don't have to worry any more. He had a bowel obstruction as far as we know (dumb cat!) and $500 and 3 days later he is up and destroying everything as usual. We are still looking for a new home for him- any takers? :)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Here- I fixed this one... Well, Jeff fixed it! :)

Caden's Day

We had a nice day today. It was very relaxing. We went out to eat with Mike, Kim, Matt, and Tarena, and Caden was very good. He loves restaurant high chairs, and he was busy trying to eat the creamers for coffee... I was able to snap a photo of that! After dinner we hung out with Matt and Tarena and it was fun.
Jeff and I snapped a few photos of us today- my hair is a little wild. I say that I look like a goth but Jeff likes it and it is growing on me... :) I just couldn't afford to keep getting highlights so it is back to a more normal colour for me, although it is a little dark. Oh well... The third picture is showing off Caden's cool shoes- he loves to untie them repeatidly and make things difficult for Mommy and Daddy! Then there is a picture showing off his ladybug hat that he loves so much! And his coat that his Aunt Meredith gave him. Next comes the restuarant photo and then three of him playing just now. He is getting ready for bed. Don't you love his Superman pj's? What a cutie! :)
Oh- sorry for the weird direction of some of the pictures but I don't know how to flip them around...