Monday, December 17, 2007

Still Tired, and Mommy and Daddy Are All Einsteined Out...

Caden was a very good Baby Jesus at church on Sunday. Jeff got it on video so we will have to be sure to show his grandparents who were either away or don't live here. I thought he would cry and scream, but he didn't (he only did when he was practicing!). Before his part, Caden decided to walk down the aisle at church and chat with some people in their seats, but the kids just came and got him and he took their hands and walked to the front. We were very proud! :) But Caden did tire us out a bit. He tried to unplug the keyboard numerous times as it was being played, tried to knock over the juice several times (and managed to do so after the service was over), steal snacks, be loud- the usual. He can't sit still, therefore Mommy and Daddy can't sit still. We were all very tired after church, and as you can see from the picture, little Caden was exhausted. But when he realized he was home he somehow got a newfound energy and he was up all day! No naps... But he did sleep from 7-7.

We just got back from Boston Pizza and while we were there Caden was sleeping standing up. I'm serious. He was so tired. But he got that energy again when we got home. I was changing him before his nap, and Jeff was fixing Caden's beloved Baby Einstein "Discovering Water" video that we have seen over and over and over... Caden had taken it out of the case and knocked it on the floor and Jeff was checking to see if it still worked. Well, when Caden heard the music play he was off in a flash. Remember I said he was being changed? Well, a dirty Caden was off in a flash. I was not happy. I had to hold him down while he was kicking and screaming for fear that he would miss something in the video he has seen thousands of times. Needless to say he wouldn't nap. He is now sitting in the rocking chair watching "Discovering Water" and is very happy. I hope he will sleep after this. Small Group is here tonight and I was hoping to clean a bit and do some baking. We'll see if our little angel sleeps... :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

So Tired!

Poor Caden- he has had a very busy Saturday morning. Jeff took him to a playgroup for babies and dads like he does every Saturday, and Caden had so much fun. Then we had to go grocery shopping, and by the time we got home he was exhausted. He wouldn't wake up at all. He slept while I took his coat and hat off and didn't even budge. Poor little guy. He slept from 7-7 last night so I don't know why he's so tired. But I guess he didn't nap well yesterday...

Holly and Nathan are coming for today and tomorrow so I am very excited! :) We are going to the mall and then we're going to have a night of games and movies which will be fun. Jeff has to work but he'll be able to hang out with them tomorrow. Nathan and Holly are coming to our church tomorrow, and they'll get to see Caden be toddler Jesus in the Christmas play. I have told Caden that he has a very important role and that he has to be good. I'll keep you posted as to whether or not he listened! ;)

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Love My Baby :)

Jeff took these pictures of Caden and I yesterday as we were putting Caden to bed. Then Jeff and I went out for dinner and a movie and it was so much fun! One of Jeff's friends from school offered to watch Caden and she was able to come over here and work on school work while Caden just slept. The night couldn't have been better. We saw "Enchanted" and were the only 2 people in the theatre here in town! Kind of weird... That happened to my sister, Meredith, and I once in Houlton. That's small town life for you I guess! But we liked the movie. It was really cute, and Jeff even liked it! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mommy's Little Artist

Caden and I have been very busy while Jeff has been studying for exams, writing exams, and working. I have been wrapping gifts (Caden has been unwrapping them or making it very difficult for Mommy to wrap them at all) and getting stuff ready to be mailed, and Caden has been very busy making pictures to send out. Here you can see one he coloured for his babysitters that come for an hour here and there when my schedule and Jeff's schedule conflict with each other. Caden has woke up 3 or 4 times while we were gone and was quite happy to be with Jean. So we got her a little gift and her husband as well, who has watched Caden twice for an hour while Caden was sleeping. Caden also coloured a picture for his Grammie Aleta. He was very particular about the colours he chose, and worked very hard. He had fun doing it as you can tell. :) We forgot to mail the picture with Grammie's gift this morning :( but we will send it with Caden's Christmas pictures.

I also showed some of Caden's marvelous artwork. He isn't very good at staying in the lines! :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

He Has Hair! :)

I just noticed this morning that Caden is starting to get a lot of hair. He looks like Alfalfa because he has a little tuft on top that sticks straight up! That is where it's growing- not on the sides or in the back, just on top! I think he's very handsome, don't you? :) I love the golden colour it is. The last picture makes him look like a little rooster! *lol*

Friday, December 7, 2007

Our Tree :)

Last night Jeff, Caden and I decorated our Christmas tree. Our tree is a bit homely because our crazy fat cats have jumped on it 1 too many times so the branches sag. But Jeff likes it. I guess it gives it character, right?! :) This is going to be a fun year because Caden is old enough to enjoy himself. We got blinking lights for the tree and Caden thinks they are the greatest thing! It is cute to see him have fun. He unwrapped 2 gifts yesterday (sorry Meredith and Greg!) but I was able to take them away and tape them quickly so neither Caden nor I had a peek. And Jeff and I finished all of our shopping today, so we are happy about that. :)

Caden learned how to climb into the rocking chair yesterday, and he spent most of the day climbing into it, out of it, or rocking in it! I don't know where he gets his boundless energy. I can't even get him to nap today. I think the trip to the mall messed him up a bit. Oh well... He had fun playing at a special play area they have at the mall for little kids. And he got to go to Toys 'R Us. So he's had a fun day too.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pregnant- With Twins!

Before any of you panic- I am talking about Caden, not me! ;) Caden ate such a HUGE supper that his stomach was bursting at the seams and was almost rock hard! He looked pregnant and then some! I'm not kidding! He LOVES Kim's banana and raspberry loaf! *lol* I also put up a few pictures of him playing. I will have to try later to put pictures up for my last post. I am using Jeff's computer now, but when I use the other one I can't upload pictures and they are all on that computer, so we'll see... :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to Normal :)

It has been pretty cozy here the last few days. Caden is back to his routine and Jeff and I just realized that he got one of his back teeth and a new front one, which explains his slight grumpiness. :) Today I took him to a group at church and he wouldn't stay in the dreaded nursery. Caden thinks nursery is the worst punishment ever! There are so many toys in there too- I don't know why he doesn't like it. So today I missed out on most of the meeting but that's OK. They had a garage sale type thing there- you bring in stuff for others to take and you can take stuff. And it's free. So Caden came home with a talking Barney, a Cookie Monster that giggles and shakes (he was laughing so hard that the Mom who was giving it away told me I had to take it!) and another little toy that another Mom wanted me to take because Caden loved it so much. He's greedy... We don't want to give him too many more toys because we don't have enough space for them already. :)

So tonight we are staying in- it's snowing out and I like it when you're in a warm place when it's cold outside. I went to Kim's house yesterday (my sister-in-law) and we did some baking so I have lots of snacks for Caden and myself while Jeff is at school and then off to work. I need a day in- I haven't had one since my trip home. Hopefully Caden enjoys it as much as I do!

Happy to be Home

Caden has taken 2 naps today (he was wiped from the long trip). I have to work tonight (5 nights in a row) and I work next Friday-Sunday night. Then I'm off for my 16! Yay! I just put some pictures up of Caden grinding what little teeth he has. It is a bone chilling sound! I hate it when he does that, and he knows it and that's why he thinks it's funny! :)

And, as you can see, Caden's appetite is still as good as ever. It is actually better. I think he put on atleast 5 pounds while I was home, and I'm not joking. He ate and ate and ate. He has a big belly now. He would have a plate of food that would feed me, and he still wasn't satisfied. I'm not too worried, though, because he went about 7 days without eating at all when he was sick. I think he's making up for it, and he's growing a lot.

I got his Christmas pictures taken while I was in New Brunswick. I got him a little suit with a bow tie. The pictures are adorable! And, being the starving boy he is, he had a graham cracker in his hand for the photo because he wouldn't let me take it away! Pathetic, I know! :)

Trip to New Brunswick :)

Caden and I are back in Calgary, safe and sound. :) We had a really nice trip. I think this was the best trip home I've ever had. It was fun and relaxing, and Caden was very well behaved (for the most part!). He was an excellent baby- on the flight there. Notice how I stress "on the flight there"... I'll get to that in a minute! :) Caden was SO good on the flight home to NB. There was an extra seat for him so that was wonderful. He just ate and played and slept. No problems whatsoever. And he slept SO good at home too! I just put him in his bed at his usual bedtime and he would sleep with no cries and he'd nap without putting up a fuss. He had no troubles at all. He loved his Grammie and Grampie Fairgrieve, his Great Grammie Fairgrieve, his second cousin Abbey, his Uncle Greg and Aunt Meredith. And he got to see my very good friend, Melissa, who was in our wedding. I was able to put him in the church nursery and he had fun. It was great. I got to go shopping for a day in Fredericton while my Mom and Dad spent the day with Caden. I got to see my very good friends Nicole and Betty. It was SO much fun.

On the way home, however, Caden was NOT a good boy. He woke up at 5:00 that morning (Calgary time) and would not nap. He fussed most of the drive to Moncton (about 3 hours) and he was so busy at the airport. He was running to talk to every possible stranger with no worries about having Mommy out of sight, and he would climb the stairs there over and over. We had a 2 hour wait at the airport and I was exhausted before even stepping foot on the plane. Caden was great all the way to Hamilton. I had the entire row to myself so he could walk around and play. But, much to my dismay, the plane was full for the 4 hour flight to Calgary. Caden slept for about 30 minutes and when he woke up and realized he was sitting instead of sleeping in a bed, he screamed for atleast 45 minutes. And I couldn't get out of my seat because of turbulence. And guess what else?! Caden's stomach was upset and he had 3 explosions (forgive me for sharing!). It was awful. I wasn't allowed to get up, he was screaming and he was smelly. It was awful. I was SO thankful to get back here. SO THANKFUL! :) But I miss everyone already.

I put pictures up of Caden playing on my parents' porch, getting a bath from Grammie Fairgrieve, playing in Grammie's rocking chair which he climbed into on his own, eating supper at his Uncle Greg and Aunt Meredith's house, trying to put on Greg's shoes, feeding their cat Riley treats... And there's a picture of Meredith, Greg, Caden and Jo Jo (the dog) at my grandmother's house; Meredith, Abbey (my cousin), Caden and I; Caden on his Great-Grammie's stairs (he loves to climb stairs); Caden in the highchair that my grandmother painted for him; and Caden in the rocking chair again. Few- that was a mouthful!