Saturday, March 20, 2010


Compare Erin's last post to this little gem and see how far he's come:

In this video, he's only a little older than Cayleigh is now...

Our Little Pastor

These videos and the picture were all taken today. First thing this morning I decided to give Caden a big Bible that we don't use. It's a New Living Translation I bought for Jeff way back when we were dating and he doesn't use that translation so I thought I'd give it to Caden. He played with it for about 45 minutes this morning and preached away. So of course I took a video. ;) Then he went downstairs and started to sing "Before the Throne of God Above". He copies everything that is done at church. He'll put the straps outside his pants (the elastic ones that are used to tighten his waste) and will pretend they're microphones, he'll get a calculator or the remote control out and use that to "turn on the screen" like at church, he'll pull out his microphone, and he'll sing away. He even stands on a stool- I'm not sure if our Pastor stands on a riser or not. I guess I'll have to check. ;) He usually rolls up his sleeves when he plays the guitar (an old ukelele Jeff used to have) so he can be just like the guitar player at church who rolls up his sleeves. And most of the day he talks SO loud and when you ask him why he talks loud he'll say, "Because Pastor Clint talks loud". He's a busy boy. After his preaching/singing we went to the zoo and he was so tired he had to take a nap. When Jeff and I checked in on him we found him asleep with his Bible. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Potty Gal!

Cayleigh has used the potty a few times and Jeff and I are very proud of our baby girl. :) She's 17 months and she tells us when she's wet or worse (hee hee) so we thought it was time to try and teach her how to use the potty. There are 3 pictures of her on the potty but she never did go on it. She prefers to be up on the toilet like her brother and that is where she's had success. :) We took the first picture right after she went and she was so proud. Jeff asked her to smile for the camera and that's what she did! She is so cute. Today when I had an appointment with my doctor Cayleigh walked over and quietly said, "Mama, poo poo". I asked her if she needed to be changed and she said, "Uh huh" in her sweet little voice. And she was right- she did need a change.

Her vocabulary is expanding daily. Cayleigh LOVES to eat and she can say cookie, fry, eye-keem (icecream), cacker (cracker), bup (cup), milk, juice, apple, nana (banana), snack... and the list goes on. She knows lots of animals- horsie, cow, doggie, kittie, fish, turtle, goat, duck, chickie, bunny, sheep... She can say, "Hi, Mommy!" and "Hi, Daddy!", and she knows "Caden" and "Cayleigh" and "sorry" (she says this a lot after a time-out in her crib when she nearly kills herself on the couch or hits things/people. She can say "baby", "talk", "bye bye", "phone", "car", "truck", "bus", "bike", "choo choo", "boat", "moon", "star", "open", and the list goes on and on. I like to write down what she knows at certain ages so I can keep them in my memory. We love our kids and thank God for them every day. It's a tremendous gift being able to watch them grow and learn.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Smart Little Man

Last night Caden was playing with his little computer. It was asking him to spell words and I just sat there in amazement watching him type out each one. For those of you who know him well, he's ALWAYS asking how to spell words. It's kind of annoying! ;) But now Jeff and I are going to be sure to spell them out for him because he's able to remember them so well. He just turned 3 1/2. I wonder if Jeff could do things like this at his age. I'll have to ask his parents. I know I couldn't. ;)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dora and Diego :)

I posted a picture of Caden and Cayleigh's Dora and Diego room. They love it! We're not going to put Cayleigh's bed together until she learns how to sleep on a mattress, and this won't be until she's closer to 2. We just thought we'd get it done before we are super super busy. ;) Caden looks so comfy in his bed snuggling his dear Abbey. :)

I love the picture of Cayleigh that I took a few days ago. She's almost 17 months. :)

And I put up a picture of me at 36 weeks. I've been getting a lot of false labour already- so much that it's kept me up for 2 nights and is quite uncomfortable. I'm wondering if baby will come a bit early. I hope so! Jeff and I are ready to go and would love to meet baby any day. :)