Monday, March 24, 2008

Bath time isn't quite the same anymore...

Caden has always loved his baths and he still does. But he actually swims in the tub now! He'll put his head under and stretch out. It is impossible to get him to sit still! The other day he kept shaking his head no at Jeff because he didn't want to get out of the tub. After about 25 minutes Jeff pulled the plug and once all the water was out Caden decided he had had enough. I am not that nice. When it's time for bed, Mommy carries an unhappy baby out of the tub. It's funny how much he looks forward to his baths. He's a cutie. :)

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Busy Busy

I haven't posted in a little while because we have been busy with our condo. It is now on the market and the builders of our new place are predicting it'll be done by June. We have been so busy cleaning, de-cluttering, fixing things up, moving the cats in and out for showings, and did I say cleaning? I really hope we sell soon. We have had a lot of help, though. Mike, Kim, Tarena and Stephen have all been incredibly helpful and we have had a lot of offers from friends for help, so thanks to you guys. I thought I'd put up a few pictures of our place because it has never looked quite like this... I also put up pictures of Caden, our other little helper. He was obsessed with sweeping the floors, wiping down the closet mirrors, and what else- vacuuming!

He Loves Bowling...

A few days ago Caden turned on the TV and bowling was on. And he LOVED it! He probably watched it for a good 15 minutes straight. It was so cute- he would clap when people clapped and when pins were knocked over he would bend over and say "Oh No!". He was mesmerized!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Way Home... Arizona Pictures

We feel like we brought home a new baby. Caden learned so many words while we were away, one of them being a firm "No". That is not my favourite because with the word comes a mind of Caden's own...

We also have a baby who is addicted to his portable DVD player. He was not happy today when Daddy put the DVD player away until our next road trip.

As you can see from the pictures, Arizona was beautiful. California was my favourite place, but Arizona (the tiny bit we saw of it) came second. Caden had fun when we stopped as you can tell. :)

(By the way: I put up a whole bunch of posts at once. Keep reading down! :)

The Animal Kingdom

We went to the beach, to the Wild Animal Park, shopping, out for some great meals and icecream, relaxed in the hot tub, played games, watched movies... It was so much fun! The most memorable events for Caden were the beach and the Wild Animal Kingdom, which was the best animal park I have ever seen. Caden LOVED the petting zoo- there were deer that he could touch and feed. Caden saw everyone feeding them so he tried to give them rocks (he really thought that was what deer eat). And he made sure to give the deer lots and lots of kisses.

The third baby you see in one of the pictures is Samuel, Caden's new California friend. He is 1 month younger than Caden, and he is definitely a cutie!

Day at the Beach

Caden loved the beach! The look on his face when he first stepped on wet sand was priceless. He played in the water for a bit, but after he slipped and fell on his stomach he decided that he was done with the beach and wanted nothing more to do with it. December was in her bathing suit next to him, and there was Caden- sitting on towels (because he wouldn't sit in the sand) with a fleece sweater on because he didn't like the cold wind. I think someone is a touch spoiled. That is my next project... ;)

"Henny" and "Baby" Having Fun at the Playground :)

Caden and December were so cute together. They loved to play with each other, which is new from the last time they were together. Caden called December "Baby" and December called Caden "Henny". It was adorable! We had a few minor arguments between the babies- one was when December was innocently carrying Morty, Caden's beloved elephant. Caden charged after her with his hands in the air ready to fight (not Mommy and Daddy's proudest moment). Caden pinched poor little December on the arm, and she was not happy. But the fight was resolved quickly. :) Whenever we were going out little December would ask, "Henny come too?". She wanted Henny to be where she was. Caden would wake up and say "Baby" because he wanted December to come out and play. December did the same with him, only saying "Henny". I don't know where she gets the name Henny but it sure is cute! I really miss December. If I thought Brad and Kristin would have let me, I would have taken her home with me. :)

Here are some pictures of the babies at the playground. They loved it there!

Having Fun in California

We all had an amazing time in California! We're kind of sad to be back. Caden did great on the drive there. He loved his new portable DVD player and wanted to watch Baby Einstein after Baby Einstein... He didn't really sleep, though. This trip Caden has decided that he will not sleep in carseats. Not the best choice for a 24 hour drive stretched over 2 days, is it? He was awful on the way back but I won't talk about that. This is supposed to be a happy post. *grin* :)

Caden and December loved the pet store, the hot tub, and giving Daddy/Uncle back massages... :)