Thursday, September 29, 2011


Wow- I can't believe it has been so long since I have updated this blog! I was just looking back at old pictures and I can't believe my sweet Cayleigh will be 3 on Monday. Where has the time gone? :( She is turning into such a beautiful little girl with a gentle spirit and a bubbling personality. She LOVES little animals, coloring, drawing, and anything girlie. Yesterday she told me she wants to take dance lessons and swimming lessons. She loves putting on her ballerina dress and dancing for Jeff and I. She is precious to us. We are throwing her a Dora party on Saturday and it looks like a big crowd will be coming. :) She has never had a big party before and is very excited. Hopefully I will get the chance to post pictures but facebook is a lot easier and faster for me these days.

Our little Liana is not so little anymore either. :( She is stringing short sentences together and we love hearing "Hi Daddy! Hi Mommy!" She does NOT want Mommy to have a baby and tells me so every day. She loves her brother and sister and it is so cute when she calls them by name. A few days ago I saw Cayleigh and Liana sitting side by side in their little pink princess chairs holding hands. Liana does whatever her sister does. :S She is SO dark like her Grandma and is turning into a beauty as well. Her hair is curling up all over and her big eyes melt our hearts, especially Daddy's. When Jeff got home today he got a big "Hi Daddy!" and a huge hug and kiss. Of course it was into his legs because he is so big and she is so little! But it was precious nonetheless. :)

Caden is 5 now. :( He is such a sweet little boy and continues to be an easy-going little guy. He is obsessed with airplanes and ferries at the moment and still talks ALL the time. ;) He can read very very well. He is bursting through grade 1 readers already. He is a lot like his Dad. :) Jeff has been building a ferry with him and Caden LOVES being his Daddy's helper. Jeff is going to make little houses for Cayleigh's animals next. He is a great Dad. :)

I am just over 24 weeks with Baby #4 and all is going well at the moment. :) January will be here before we know it and we really want to cherish each moment. Children really are a gift from the Lord and they grow so so fast. We hope we can keep up with 4! But we are very thankful. :)

I posted a picture of Cayleigh at the top- it was the one I put on her party invitation. Then there is Liana now and as a baby, Cayleigh now and as a baby and Caden now and as a baby. I remember it like it was yesterday. Time really does fly.