Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still Bowling :)

Caden still loves to bowl! It's be a long time since I've sent DVD's of the kids home to my family, so I thought I'd take a video of them both today and post them on the blog. :)


Cayleigh learned how to answer with "No" yesterday. She sounds so cute when she says it! This morning I asked, "Cayleigh, do you want to say bye bye to Daddy?" and she said "No". ;) I know I sound a little crazy in the video asking her the same thing over and over but I wanted to hear her cute "No" as many times as I could on video. :)

Cayleigh can say quite a few words now. She can say "Momma, Dada, hi, bye, kitty, doggie, cup, cookie, cracker, ba ba (bottle), truck, up, no, apple, amen, boot, clock, ball, airp (airplane)" and I'm sure there are a few more that I can't think of at the moment. Our baby girl is growing up. She'll be 16 months on Feb 3rd.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learning to Read!

Caden loves to practice reading and he's doing a great job. He messed up on "hat" a bit when I was recording but he got it right the time before. He made the "s" sound but said "hat"... ;) We'll keep practicing and maybe he'll be able to read you all a story soon. Caden is a smart little man and we love him to pieces! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Jones #3

This picture was taken at 28 weeks and I will be 29 weeks in a few days. Not much longer... :)

I have been feeling quite well but had a little fall on Monday that has set me back a bit. We all went to our friend Justyne's house for supper and I lost my balance and fell into her condo. Not the entrance I would have planned. :S I turned my ankle and was up all that night with a throbbing foot. Of course I hurt the foot on the only side I can sleep on so I haven't been able to get much rest. Jeff worked from home yesterday so I could stay off my feet for most of the day and today I notice it's getting better but it's still not perfect yet. The bigger I get the more clumsy I seem to get so hopefully this will be my only fall. :S But we all are fine and we are getting more and more excited to meet our new little one. :)

Loads and loads of Christmas Pictures :)

Sorry it has taken me so long to download these pictures. Christmas was a busy time and just now things are starting to get back to normal again. We all had fun seeing little Isaac and December, and of course Caden and December had a blast playing together almost every day. I told Caden we might take the Christmas tree down tonight and he said, "No Mommy. I still want December to come back!". When we put the tree up he knew December would be coming and I guess taking it down makes the fact that she has gone back to California very real to poor Caden. :(

There are some pictures of the kids opening 1 gift on Christmas Eve. Caden got a ladybug constellation nightlight and Cayleigh got a little diaper bag of her very own filled with all sorts of goodies- bottles, cups, diapers, bibs, creams, etc. that she can use with her babies. Both kids were very happy. :)

You can see the wagon that my grandmother and parents got for the kids. They LOVED it. The wheels can come off and it can become a pull sled which is great. You can also see the princess table Cayleigh got from her Auntie Cheryl. That is one of her favourite gifts and she sits and plays at that table every day. :)

Once you see Caden opening up his stocking you can tell when Christmas Day pictures begin. Caden got an airport set, a construction set, hockey sticks, games, puzzles, books, etc. etc. He was all smiles opening his gift from Grandma. :) And he loved everything he got from Aunts, Uncles, other family and friends. You will see more of what Cayleigh loved in the post below. Jeff got me a new wedding band (we both didn't really like the one I had) and I love it. He has and always will be romantic in his own way and I love him. :)

Look at the next post for a continuation of Christmas pictures. :)

Loads and loads of Christmas Pictures Continued :)

Grammie and Grampie Jones got Cayleigh a dollie that came with a stroller, bouncy seat, playmat, pack 'n play, diaper bag... She LOVED that present and every day she pushes either her dolls or elephant around in the stroller and puts them "night night" in the pack 'n play each night. She is so precious- a baby playing with a little baby. She feeds her dolls a "ba ba" and gives them drinks from little sippy cups that came with her diaper bag. Brad and Kristin got Cayleigh a little doll as well and she loves it too. It's nice that she now likes things other than trucks and trains! :)

Caden got the electric train set he has been wanting from Grammie and Grampie. I love the picture of the Jones boys all playing with the train set. :) Jeff loves it and both he and Caden play together with the train each day. The have since bought a tunnel, bridge and extra tracks for the set and I guess Caden wants to buy a passenger car with his saved up allowance. He loves that train so much! Thanks Grammie and Grampie! :)

The kids got a bath toy from our good friends Kevin and Kendis and that was also one of their favourite gifts. They've already used up all the tablets that color the water so we'll definitely have to find more!

I LOVE the pictures of Cayleigh asleep on the floor with her winter coat on. We went to the mall for a bit on Boxing Day and it must have been a bit much for her. I took her out of the van, took her coat off, changed her and put her to bed without waking her. She was so tired! :) And the one of her cuddling Grammie is just precious. :)

I also LOVE the last 2 pictures of Caden and December. They (for some strange reason) enjoyed being locked in the dog kennel. ;) And the picture I took when we all went bowling is just priceless!