Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet Dorothy- the newest addition to the Jones' household :)

Yesterday Caden's Auntie Kristin gave him a goldfish. Caden named her Dorothy (after Elmo's fish on "Elmo's World"). :) He loves her. Here is a little dialogue from when Caden first got her:

Caden- "I gonna take care of her, Mommy! Dorothy, you wanna listen to some muse-kick (music)?

Mommy- "Oh no, Caden. She doesn't want to listen to music (the DVD player was right by her tank). It might hurt her ears".

Caden- (looks at the goldfish) "She doesn't have any ears, Mommy. Dorothy, you wanna listen to some muse-kick? I GONNA TAKE CARE OF HER, MOMMY!"

We got a bigger tank for her today and Caden is happy that she is no longer on his dresser but is on his Thomas table so he can see her all the time. He wants me to call everyone and let them know about Dorothy. So far he has told Grammie and Grampie Fairgrieve and Auntie Meri. I took a picture of him on the phone with my Dad. I also took a picture of his fish face! He told everyone at the pet store about her... He is so excited. :) I made sure to get a tank with a cover to protect the poor fish. Caden will stop playing every few minutes to go and check on her. I pray that she lives or we will have a very sad little boy.

Tickles, Trains, and Teeth!

As always, I have more pictures! :) There is one of Caden with his Auntie Kim (he just LOVES her!), some of the kids playing with trains (Cayleigh likes to try to destroy the tracks and is already starting to irritate her big brother), some of Daddy and Baby Girl having some playtime... and one of Cayleigh's 2 top teeth. I love that picture! Don't mind the closeup shot as she is getting over a cold *hee hee*. ;) Now she has 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweet Sleepers and Sweet Smiles From Baby Girl

Caden still has a special bond with his elephant, Abbey, that he has had since he was just 9 months old. I went in to check on him last night and he said, "Abbey is hungry, Mommy. I need to feed her". He then preceeded to place Abbey's trunk to his chest and nurse her. Jeff quickly put a stop to that! *hee hee*

Cayleigh has the cutest little smile. She looks so sweet in all the pictures so I put them all up even though they are very similar. We took them this morning. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today we decided to have a picnic. I love the location of our new place because right outside our front door is a park. It's just a 5 second walk away. It's great for picnics- today I just put our lunch in the microwave and then into a bag, grabbed a blanket, and off we went. It was a very easy picnic (*smiles*), but it was a lot of fun. We all (especially Cayleigh) love to sit in the warm sun. Caden loves to run and play, and I love to watch him. He's napping right now and I'm hoping Cayleigh will soon as well, and then we'll go back out again. We're planning to see December and Isaac today too. We'll see what happens. :)

Oh How We Love Pictures :)

Jim and Debbie got us a bbq for Christmas (we love it) and Jeff and Caden put it together on Saturday *smiles*. Caden brought out his own little toolbox and everything. It took most of the day, and once I bathed Caden and had him in his pullups (he is completely potty trained during the day but he still has occasional accidents at night) he insisted on wearing his beloved cowboy boots that Grammie got him. He helped us throw away the garbage from the bbq assembly and a few people walking by chuckled when they saw him. ;)

Of course I have another tub shot. Cayleigh can sit on her own now (she has been able to do that for the past few weeks without us worrying of her toppling over) so I bath her and Caden together. She is picking her tummy up when she's on the floor now and, as you can see from the photos, she is going to be crawling soon I'm sure. She is still the cutest little sleeper. I love the photo of her all scrunched up in bed with her little mini skirt on. :)

I tried to take one of me and Cayleigh for my parents. It didn't turn out too well.

Last night Jeff and I decided to pull out Caden's train tracks so he could play, and he had SO much fun. I don't know why we didn't think of it before. Our basement is just weeks from being done (we're painting it now- we are SO excited for it to be finished) so we were waiting until his train table went downstairs before we assembled it. But I'm glad we got it out. He played with it for about an hour straight this morning. He loves it. :)

Father's Day

Sunday was a busy day as Jeff was asked to preach at a church about an hour away. It was fun going there and meeting new people. :) I got sick that afternoon so we finished the celebration we started on Monday. The kids laughed and laughed as I blew up balloons and then let them go. Caden thought it was hilarious! We gave Jeff a little gift, made him a special supper and had some of the chocolate cake that I made for Sunday, and tried our best to give him a relaxing evening. We love him. He is a great husband and father. Hope you had a special day, Jeff! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Caden and December :)

Caden and December LOVE each other. December truly is Caden's best friend! Today they were playing (December was on her little bike and Caden was in a toy car) and when I asked how they were doing Caden said, "We love each other, Mommy!". It was adorable! And so are the pictures. :)