Saturday, October 27, 2007

Little Angel

Caden and December are two cuties who definitely think alike. Just a few days ago Kristin posted a blog where December decided to sleep on the floor. I thougt it was adorable. Tonight I was talking with my parents and I gave Caden his soother because he was a little fussy. That made him content and he decided to play with the cell phone. As I was talking to my Dad I saw Caden reach into his crib and pull out Morty (his beloved elephant) and his blankie. Next thing I new he was asleep on the floor! How precious. :) Now he is in bed. But it is supper time. Caden wouldn't nap today and he is sick with a cold like I am, so I am going to let him sleep. I hope I won't regret this in the night. :(

Where Caden Will Play and Our Unfinished Place :)

What we like about our new place (that will hopefully be finished this summer) is that it is surrounded by parks. Right across the street there is a park and behind us there is a huge park. They are just steps away, and there is even a playground right close to us. So Caden will have lots of space to run and play.

What Our Townhouse is Going to Look Like

Our Package

We didn't go for any of the upgrades. So you won't see those nice hardwood floors, fireplace, or granite in our place.

Master Bedroom and My First Big Closet :)

Living Room

You can go to older posts to see more- the kitchen and basement and stuff. :)

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Area

Kitchen and Dining Area


Right at the bottom of the stairs will be our laundry room. Then there is a bathroom. When you turn the corner that will be a family room. Then Jeff will have an office and there will be two more bedrooms. It'll be nice to have a little more space, that's for sure. We are excited. :)

A Fun Night

Jeff and I had so much fun last night. My very best friend, Cheryl, gave us tickets to the GMA awards and she offered to watch Caden while we went. It was so much fun! We got to hear Paul Brandt sing and he was my favourite! Brian Doerksen was there, Starfield, High River (these are all pictures I put up), and a ton of other bands. Jeff loves Starfield and to watch Brian Doerksen sing live was amazing. He wrote many of the Christin songs we sing today.

We didn't get back home until around midnight and Caden was having so much fun at Cheryl's house that he wouldn't go to sleep until 10:00 for her. Then we got there at 11:00 to wake him up and take him home. He was not happy at that point! And when we got home Jeff realized that I had left Caden's window open so it was freezing in his room. We had to put Caden in our bed until his room was warm enough to sleep in. I put up a picture of my exhausted boys at the end of the night. But we had fun! :)

Friday, October 26, 2007


Caden has discovered the joy of coloring. :) I don't let him do it too much because I am saving it for the airplane ride back to NB. I DESPERATELY need to keep his interest on that flight.
Jeff and I took Caden to chapel at his seminary on Wednesday and we sat in the back row. There were about 4 seats, so Jeff took one end, we put Caden in the middle, and I sat at the other end. It was kind of like a plane aisle. We thought Caden would stay there, but no way. He was off in a flash. He started screaming when we wouldn't let him past. And we had toys and treats and everything. So as you can probably guess we weren't able to sit together for chapel. That's our busy Caden for you.
On a better note- don't you think he drew a marvelous picture? :) I had to put his soother in his mouth because he was eating the crayons! And yes- Caden does look tired. That's because he was determined to get up at 5 this morning. I don't know what has been going on with him but for the last week he has been getting up atleast once in the night. And I can only get him to take one nap (if I'm lucky). I don't know if he's having a growth spurt or if he's finally going to get some teeth. It's been atleast 3 months since he's gotten any. He has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom. I think Jeff and I are going to be very tired when all those teeth come in at once...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Salmon Arm, BC

On the way home we decided to push past Kelowna and try to make it to Revelstoke, but Caden had other ideas. He was very hungry and tired, so we stopped in Salmon Arm and stayed at a hotel for the night. It had a nice pool and hot tub so we didn't complain! Caden LOVED the hotel. He was dancing and running around. And after eating a big supper he thought his tummy was hilarious! He was squeezing it and smiling. It was cute! Caden had fun in the hot tub and was very good on the drive home. All in all we had a nice trip. But it's always nice to be back home. :)

Vancouver Aquarium

Jeff and I thought Caden would love the aquarium, but unfortunately it turned out to be an expensive place for Caden to have tantrums. We were not happy. Caden wanted to walk by himself. He is 13 months after all- old enough to be independant I guess! He didn't want to hold Mommy or Daddy's hand. He would actually push us away. And when he would get too close to things he shouldn't get close to, I would pick him up and he would kick and scream. He was not good that day. He was overtired to say the least. I had his little horse leash on and that helped, but after a few exhausting hours a grumpy Mommy, Daddy and baby all left the Vancouver aquarium. :(

It is a very nice place, though. But I suggest you go without toddlers. :)

Visiting Grammie in Vancouver

Caden was very happy to see his Grammie Aleta again, and so were we. We had a very relaxing time there. We had a get-together with Jeff's uncle John, his Aunt Erma and his Aunt Sophie, and his Aunt Christina. John and Sophie are Jeff's Grampie's brother and sister. I never had the chance to meet Jeff's Grampie so it was so nice to meet those closest to him. And Erma is John's wife. I know it meant a lot to Jeff too because he really misses his grandfather. Aleta sent us pictures so I need to figure out how to post them. :)

Grammie got Caden a Spiderman car and he rides that everywhere. He loves it! She brought it down to Caden when she came to meet us in the lobby and he took to it right away, and to Grammie as well. :) Caden showed Grammie everything he thought was exciting- lights, tupperware, the garbage can, toys... :) He would point and give his little squeak of delight. And Caden even learned to climb onto furniture there. Another wondeful thing, eh? :) Before we left he was tugging on Grammie just like he tugs on Mommy. We were sad to go.

Jeff hurt his back the Saturday before we left and he still wasn't feeling any better in Vancouver. So he needed the rest. You can see how tired he looks in the pictures I took. But he is feeling better today so we are thankful for that.