Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

Caden LOVES using his tools and whenever Daddy or Grampie are fixing something Caden has to be in on the action. Here he is helping Jeff put in our new dishwasher. Cayleigh wasn't in the picture because she was too busy carrying tools around the house. ;) I'm not sure why Caden has a syringe in his toolbox, but I'm sure there's a reason. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


We went to the Zoo tonight and saw all the lights. This is the first time Jeff and I have gone and I had no idea how beautiful it was. There were lights everywhere and there were lots of activities for the kids. My pictures didn't do it justice (partly because the camera died). :( Caden and Cayleigh LOVED it and when we left Caden said he wanted to come back. There were heart lights in one particular spot and so Jeff and I parked the stroller, stood by the lights, and let Caden take a picture. It was so cute- Caden had the camera and Cayleigh was holding the camera case. People would stop and say how cute it was that Caden was taking our picture. The pictures are not the best so I haven't decided whether or not I'll post them. ;) I was glad we went. It's been a fun night. :)

Birthday Party

A few days ago Caden and Cayleigh went to their friend Hannah's birthday. It was a Winnie The Pooh picnic and they had a great time. The kids got up and danced to Winnie The Pooh music and Cayleigh and her little friend George (the kids went to his party recently) were the only 2 who really danced (see the last picture). :) Caden found trucks and trains there and of course loved playing with them! And he got to paint (blow through a straw and make a picture) and play music. The kids never stopped. It was a lot of fun. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mighty Machines!

I am always late with the camera when recording cute moments but I caught some of this one. Caden LOVES his Mighty Machines movies. He has most of them memorized and every day I let him watch 1 DVD. Cayleigh has never been interested in TV but she is interested in her big brother and has to do whatever he's doing. He sings the Mighty Machines theme song in a raspy voice and you can hear Cayleigh at the beginning of the clip doing it too. When I turned the show on she was shaking in excitement- all because a truck was on the screen. Caden loves trucks therefore she loves trucks! She is going to be a little tom boy (with the exception of her love for dance *smiles*), especially if this baby is a boy. We'll see what happens. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby Belly/Outdoor Fun/Hat Hair ;)

I am almost 25 weeks so I'm getting closer to the end. :) I feel great other than back problems. Starting January Jeff and I are taking Bradley classes all the way up to delivery so I'm sure that'll be helpful, and hopefully this delivery will be better than in the past. We'll see...

Caden is getting excited for the baby and gives me regular "checkups". He'll pretend to give me ultrasounds and he'll listen for the baby's heartbeat. Cayleigh is not going to like baby one bit but we are working on that. :)

I took the kids out to play today and they had a lot of fun. Caden could stay out forever so when Cayleigh got cold I let him play with his bucket and shovel by the window where I could watch him. Cayleigh loved being pulled in the sled but my brave little man would have nothing to do with it. ;) He was busy playing in the snowbank and "working" as he calls it. He was moving pieces of snow and pulling the sled- a "man's work" as he likes to say. He's my little cutie. And so is Cayleigh. Her hair is wild to start with (curls all up the back) and after I took her hat off it was all the more unmanageable. I put both of them in the bath to warm them up and they're napping now. It's my best friend's birthday today so we're going over to visit her tonight. Caden helped me bake her favourite muffins while Cayleigh had her morning nap, and now all I need to do is wrap a few gifts. And fold laundry and make supper... Busy busy. So I guess I should get off the computer. :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shades and Breakfast Fun :)

Here are a few cute pictures. Whenever Cayleigh puts on Caden's sunglasses she comes right up to your face. :)

The chocolate chip muffins I made with Caden a few days ago got the kids super excited at breakfast, so there are a few more cute shots. :)

Jeff and I have both been up since 5:00 this morning- it's just after 7:00 now. Jeff had to go into work for a few hours this morning and my back has been bothering me so I thought I'd get up too. I'm just waiting on the kids. :) They've been sleeping in until 8:00 lately which is great. Cayleigh is a great sleeper at night and will go from 7:00-8:00. And Caden has always been a good sleeper so for that I am thankful. :) I can't always get them to nap at the same time so I still have some work to do before baby gets here or I'll be in serious trouble...

We're taking Caden bowling today as a reward for him graduating from his night pull-ups. Well, we still put them on just incase but he has been consistently dry lately. We told him if he was dry 3 nights in a row we would take him bowling and dry he was! This was about 2 weeks ago but Jeff has been so busy and, with our busy little walker in tow, I can't take Caden on my own. Cayleigh will grab a stranger's hand and take off- she doesn't have a care in the world. When we were in Edmonton she took a little boy's hand and off she went.

Well, I think I might hear Caden awake downstairs (or it's just the wind from this awful storm) so I guess my day might be ready to start. Have a good Saturday! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Time!

Yesterday we put up the tree and the kids LOVED it! When Cayleigh woke up from her nap and saw the tree all lit up she was so excited she was shaking! Of course she tries to pull every ornament off so we'll see how long it looks nice. ;) Every year I hate our Charlie brown tree (I usually think it is homely) but this year I actually like it. Caden likes to fly his airplanes over to the balls on the tree and land them there for some reason. That has to quickly come to an end too. They are both at a sweet age.

I thought all my shopping was done but apparently Abbey needs a gift. Caden said, "Abbey's a sweet girl, Mommy. Where is her present?". :) My little man- so nurturing *smiles*. Abbey might get a pack of Smarties. :)