Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to Normal :)

It has been pretty cozy here the last few days. Caden is back to his routine and Jeff and I just realized that he got one of his back teeth and a new front one, which explains his slight grumpiness. :) Today I took him to a group at church and he wouldn't stay in the dreaded nursery. Caden thinks nursery is the worst punishment ever! There are so many toys in there too- I don't know why he doesn't like it. So today I missed out on most of the meeting but that's OK. They had a garage sale type thing there- you bring in stuff for others to take and you can take stuff. And it's free. So Caden came home with a talking Barney, a Cookie Monster that giggles and shakes (he was laughing so hard that the Mom who was giving it away told me I had to take it!) and another little toy that another Mom wanted me to take because Caden loved it so much. He's greedy... We don't want to give him too many more toys because we don't have enough space for them already. :)

So tonight we are staying in- it's snowing out and I like it when you're in a warm place when it's cold outside. I went to Kim's house yesterday (my sister-in-law) and we did some baking so I have lots of snacks for Caden and myself while Jeff is at school and then off to work. I need a day in- I haven't had one since my trip home. Hopefully Caden enjoys it as much as I do!

Happy to be Home

Caden has taken 2 naps today (he was wiped from the long trip). I have to work tonight (5 nights in a row) and I work next Friday-Sunday night. Then I'm off for my 16! Yay! I just put some pictures up of Caden grinding what little teeth he has. It is a bone chilling sound! I hate it when he does that, and he knows it and that's why he thinks it's funny! :)

And, as you can see, Caden's appetite is still as good as ever. It is actually better. I think he put on atleast 5 pounds while I was home, and I'm not joking. He ate and ate and ate. He has a big belly now. He would have a plate of food that would feed me, and he still wasn't satisfied. I'm not too worried, though, because he went about 7 days without eating at all when he was sick. I think he's making up for it, and he's growing a lot.

I got his Christmas pictures taken while I was in New Brunswick. I got him a little suit with a bow tie. The pictures are adorable! And, being the starving boy he is, he had a graham cracker in his hand for the photo because he wouldn't let me take it away! Pathetic, I know! :)

Trip to New Brunswick :)

Caden and I are back in Calgary, safe and sound. :) We had a really nice trip. I think this was the best trip home I've ever had. It was fun and relaxing, and Caden was very well behaved (for the most part!). He was an excellent baby- on the flight there. Notice how I stress "on the flight there"... I'll get to that in a minute! :) Caden was SO good on the flight home to NB. There was an extra seat for him so that was wonderful. He just ate and played and slept. No problems whatsoever. And he slept SO good at home too! I just put him in his bed at his usual bedtime and he would sleep with no cries and he'd nap without putting up a fuss. He had no troubles at all. He loved his Grammie and Grampie Fairgrieve, his Great Grammie Fairgrieve, his second cousin Abbey, his Uncle Greg and Aunt Meredith. And he got to see my very good friend, Melissa, who was in our wedding. I was able to put him in the church nursery and he had fun. It was great. I got to go shopping for a day in Fredericton while my Mom and Dad spent the day with Caden. I got to see my very good friends Nicole and Betty. It was SO much fun.

On the way home, however, Caden was NOT a good boy. He woke up at 5:00 that morning (Calgary time) and would not nap. He fussed most of the drive to Moncton (about 3 hours) and he was so busy at the airport. He was running to talk to every possible stranger with no worries about having Mommy out of sight, and he would climb the stairs there over and over. We had a 2 hour wait at the airport and I was exhausted before even stepping foot on the plane. Caden was great all the way to Hamilton. I had the entire row to myself so he could walk around and play. But, much to my dismay, the plane was full for the 4 hour flight to Calgary. Caden slept for about 30 minutes and when he woke up and realized he was sitting instead of sleeping in a bed, he screamed for atleast 45 minutes. And I couldn't get out of my seat because of turbulence. And guess what else?! Caden's stomach was upset and he had 3 explosions (forgive me for sharing!). It was awful. I wasn't allowed to get up, he was screaming and he was smelly. It was awful. I was SO thankful to get back here. SO THANKFUL! :) But I miss everyone already.

I put pictures up of Caden playing on my parents' porch, getting a bath from Grammie Fairgrieve, playing in Grammie's rocking chair which he climbed into on his own, eating supper at his Uncle Greg and Aunt Meredith's house, trying to put on Greg's shoes, feeding their cat Riley treats... And there's a picture of Meredith, Greg, Caden and Jo Jo (the dog) at my grandmother's house; Meredith, Abbey (my cousin), Caden and I; Caden on his Great-Grammie's stairs (he loves to climb stairs); Caden in the highchair that my grandmother painted for him; and Caden in the rocking chair again. Few- that was a mouthful!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Caden and December- 2 Peas in a Pod :)

Reading Kristin's latest blog post made me realize just how alike Caden and his cousin, December, really are. Just like December, Caden LOVES to clean and polish things off. You can see him dusting off a picture frame and helping Mommy vacuum. Caden is a very good helper. :) And, just like December, Caden LOVES to admire himself. I got a picture of him admiring a picture of a certain handsome little boy. Now who could that be? :) Caden LOVES to colour too and, just like December, he LOVES "Baby Einstein". We let him watch one program every few days and he thinks it's a real treat. And, just like December, Caden LOVES to go out on the deck and he LOVES to spy on people, animals... You name it, he loves it. Finally, just like December, Caden loves to help out in the kitchen.

December is 7 months older than Caden and I can't wait for them to be together at Christmas. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Daddy's Worst Nightmare!

I got Caden a dolly today. ;) When we were in BC Caden's Grammie had a doll for him to play with and he loved it. But Jeff wouldn't let us take it home (and we wanted to leave it there for December)! Well, today we had to run to the grocery store and I saw a doll for $4.99 so I got it. But, luckily for Daddy, Caden isn't very interested! Jeff doesn't think little boys should play with dolls unless they are G.I.Joes. :)

I am going home to NB on Wednesday and I am very excited! I've been getting little toys to give Caden on the plane to try and keep him occupied. I fly into Moncton and then we have about a 3 hour drive... It's a long haul but it will be worth it! And I'm off to Fredericton Friday to see Nicole and do some Christmas shopping. I can't wait!

You can see his 7th tooth poking through his bottom gum on the last picture. Aren't his teeth cute? It's been a little rough with him teething the last few days, but nothing compared to last week with him having that awful flu. He's a very good baby. Jeff and I are very lucky and blessed to have our little guy. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fun Fun :)

Jeff, Caden and I had a pretty good evening. Jeff is feeling better (aside from a sore back) so that is a good thing. Caden had a grumpy day as I mentioned earlier, so we decided to take him to "Let's Play" which is a huge play place in Calgary that we had never been to before. It has a play area for children under 3, so we thought we'd check it out. I was planning to leave Caden with his Aunt Kim tonight so Jeff and I could have a date night of sorts :) but, due to Caden's mood, I wouldn't inflict him on anyone! And Jeff still wasn't 100%. We only went for about 30 minutes or so, but we all had a great time. And you know what Caden did (this proves he is feeling better)... He walked over to this man's table and stole a handful of his nacho chips when he wasn't looking! We apologized and luckily this man thought it was funny. Caden sure enjoyed the chips- the little turkey! :)

He's Alive!

I thought I'd write a quick post to let you all know that Caden is doing well. I guess he picked up this awful bug from a playgroup I take him to, and a few kids there had to go to the hospital for IV's because of dehydration. We are thankful that we didn't have to take Caden to the hospital- we were close but thankfully he pulled through. He still isn't eating well- after two meal choices for lunch Caden did eat waffles and strawberries and bananas. But we don't like that we are having to play waiter to him. We just want him to eat. I actually had to get Caden a new highchair. He was sick all over his old one and we just couldn't get that awful smell out. So I had to throw it away...

So now Caden has become addicted to his soother. That is actually an understatement. We have taken it away today because he's doing better, and he is going through serious withdrawal. We are having many tantrums from our little guy. And he's teething. Fun fun. And, to top things off, Jeff and I have been as sick as dogs! I caught what Caden had while doing a night shift Saturday night. What a miserable shift. I would walk down one wing of the nursing home and then I would have to sit for a while. And someone had chest pain and so I had to take care of him while feeling miserable. I took the next night off, and then Jeff got sick and had to take Monday night off and couldn't go to school this morning. He is going to try to go this afternoon. We are still not 100%.

But Caden is doing better so that is a huge weight off our sick and aching shoulders... :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Still Sick

Well, today hasn't been the greatest day. I worked last night and this morning Caden started throwing up again and again and again... Jeff is taking 4 hrs off work tonight to be here with Caden, and he has been a very good Dad today (he's always a good Dad). :) He took good care of Caden while I slept for a couple of hours. Caden had a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon and that has been the only time he hasn't been sick all day. And since waking up he has been able to drink but he's still not eating. So keep praying that he'll get better. And that he won't get dehydrated. But I have seen an improvement since he woke up, and atleast he is keeping fluids down so that is good. When he feels better I'll put more pictures up.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Update :)

Last night Caden was sick maybe 4 times, and this morning he was sick only once, and it was just a little. He was able to drink this morning and has kept most of it down, and he had a little toast. So he is doing better and I'm thankful. :) This flu is something that I wouldn't wish on anyone- it is terrible. Jeff and I have been taking Gravol b/c our stomachs have been a little upset. We are hoping it is just in our heads! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sick Baby

Today has not been a good day at all. Caden has thrown up 14 times in 4 hours- he is very sick to say the least. He can't even keep water down so we are pretty worried about him. Luckily they were able to replace me at work b/c I wouldn't feel comfortable being away from him when he is this bad. I called the Dr. and they saw him right away. He can't keep Gravol or Pedialyte down... And they don't want us to give Gravol supps just yet b/c they want to let this bug pass. I was desperate after 13 times of being sick, so I gave him infant liquid Gravol and then he was sick for the 14th time. I put him to bed in our room in his pack 'n play and we are supposed to get up every few hours in the night and offer him fluids. I am going to give him some in about an hour- pray that he can take them. He is so pale and he's been shivering. My poor little guy. Hopefully tomorrow will hold a better post. If he can't drink tomorrow then we have to take him back to the Dr.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Way To Go Baby Einstein! :)

Caden watched TV for the first time tonight! You may wonder why that is exciting to me, especially since we don't want Caden to watch too much TV. Well, it is exciting because he sat still for 30 minutes! He was laughing and pointing at the animals and people on the screen. It was so cute! I just found these videos today when I was sorting through his closet. I had a ton of clothes to put in storage because they don't fit anymore. And while I was doing that I found 3 Baby Einstein videos. I have been trying one other one periodically with Caden but no luck. Then today, when he was having his snack of apples and cheerios, I wheeled his highchair in front of the TV (I was still busy sorting clothes) and he watched and had a great time. I took him away after about 30 minutes but I know he would have stayed for the whole video. Those of you who know Caden know that he NEVER sits still. And when he's done eating he wants out of that dreaded high chair IMMEDIATELY. I am trying to practice getting hime to sit for the long and dreaded plane ride home in a few weeks. Now I have a little hope! Just a little...:)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

Here are just a few pictures we took yesterday. :) Caden had fun trick or treating. And he had a lot fun at Grammie and Grampie Jones' house that evening.