Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Home Tomorrow!

It has been a fun couple of days. Jeff's Mom is here to visit and Caden has had a lot of fun spending time with another one of his Grammies. He has been swimming at the pool in her hotel, and has been out to eat with Grammie a few times. He was so well behaved and Jeff and I were very impressed. There is a picture of Caden playing his Uncle Stephen's guitar- he has had a fun few days. :)

He is going to see his Grammie Fairgrieve tomorrow (and Grampie) because we are leaving for NB, and I am SO SO SO excited! I am excited to see my family, but I am DREADING the flight and the 5 hour drive we have to endure. I pray Caden will behave. The last time we flew I said I'd never do it again! EVER! Caden's ears would pop regardless of whether he was eating or not. And he hated sitting still. He would scream and cry and annoy everyone, including us. And now that he crawls and walks (he has been walking behind his little lawn mower for about a week now!) he wants to do anything but sit still. And to top things off, we have to wake him at 4 am. Oh brother...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Swinging, Bowling, and Teeth Brushing

Sorry I beat you at bowling, Matt *lol* :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Oh, Caden..."

It is very hot here today- I think it is 28 or so... Well, I decided to leave Caden in his diaper today but I have quickly learned that I cannot leave my son in just his diaper unattended! I put him in his crib for a nap (which he never took- go figure!) and when I heard mysterious giggles I decided to peek in on him. What I found was a mess! Caden had pulled his diaper off, peed ALL OVER his crib, and was laughing like nothing else! :) If he wasn't so cute I don't know what we'd do! :) So Mommy is on her third load of laundry for the day!!! Atleast Caden is in a good mood, though. I got teething tabs this morning and now he is back to his old self. I'm wondering if that's a good thing... Just kidding! :)

The blurry picture is of him laughing hysterically- he was moving so it didn't turn out well, but I wanted to put it up anyway. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tired Little Baby

Caden has had a busy day, and as I said before he has been busy busy. :) When I got home from our 50 minute walk and 30 minute swim (which he loved) he still had energy to burn off so Jeff took him in the hallway while I got supper and let him crawl to his heart's content. He can't pull anything down on him while in the hallway. And I must say I needed the break. Caden has been GRUMPY at times... He ate a great supper and then he starting dosing off in his highchair! Poor little guy. So right now he is sleeping- but not for long because I want him to go to bed at 8:00 tonight like he usually does and it is 5:45 pm now. So when I post this I'll wake him. Isn't he cute?! And Nicole: he LOVES Morty! Thanks again for giving him that elephant. He never sleeps without it. :)

Busy just isn't a strong enough word...

Mommy is tuckered out to say the least. Today Caden has been a little on the grumpy side (I think he is getting more teeth) and he is so so so so so so so busy. He won't play with his toys much anymore and Jeff and I can't seem to find things he likes. The toilet, toilet paper, drawers, chairs, TV, etc. are just more interesting. This morning he destroyed a seashell I got in the Bahamas by picking the outer shell off! And that was in a matter of seconds. I got so fed up that I took him outside but he was just grumpy (as you can tell from the pictures) so I tried to get him to take a nap but no luck. And he always naps well. We need to get more teething tabs from the Health Food store- I would recommend them to every Mom for their babies. They work great. We are just all out of them.

So in about 30 minutes I think I am going to walk to where Jeff works. I think it'll be a 45 minute to an hour walk... Hopefully that's all! I can't stand chasing Caden all day! And there is a pool there so I am going to take him swimming. Do you have any suggestions, Kristin? He is at such a tough age. And how on earth am I going to get him to sit still on the plane in a few weeks. Pray please!!!! :) We need every prayer we can get!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It Has Bugun- Use of the Dreaded Baby Gate!

So today Jeff and I had had enough. :) Enough of watching Caden almost catch his fingers in drawers, trying to pull chairs down on him, pulling on cords, getting at the vacuum...! This weekend we are definitely baby proofing, but for now we put a baby gate in his room so if we need a break from chasing him all around we can put him in his room where he is safe. Kim and Tarena were over here last night and they got a taste of how busy Caden is! It is unbelievable how much a baby can change in 1 week! And we watch Caden like a hawk. He is just SO fast and SO determined to get into EVERYTHING! He doesn't like the baby gate- he'll peer over and all you can see is the top of his head and sometimes his little eyes peeking over. He looks like a sad little puppy. :) We are usually in the room with him anyway- I just stepped out to take those pictures.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Morning With Daddy

Caden had a really fun day with Jeff! I have been working a stretch of 4 nights (I am off after tomorrow night) and Jeff has been doing an amazing job taking care of Caden for the morning while I sleep. I have only been able to sleep 4-5 hours so it hasn't been too bad (and Caden naps for 1 1/2 hours during that time) but Jeff has been getting Caden's meals and bottles, playing with him... He is an amazing Dad and I hope I can help him to have great Father's Day tomorrow. :)

Jeff took Caden to a playgroup this morning and they gave Caden a crown as you can see in the photos. Caden was SO tired as you can probably tell. :) And this afternoon we went to Walmart and got Caden some plastic balls that we are going to put in his play-pen. We put them in his crib for a bit and he had so much fun playing. It is hard to find toys for him at this age because he is more interested in getting into trouble than playing, so we are happy when we find something he'll actually use for more than 2 seconds! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Play-time With Mommy and Daddy

It is still so cute when Caden smiles and laughs. We love his giggle! :) And it is so much fun to watch him play. He is actually learning how to correctly use the toys he has, and it's amazing to watch. We have a toy that has a hole on the side and Caden knows to drop the pieces in the hole and pick them up when they fall down the front. He's getting smarter! :) And that pull-toy that is in the first picture is from his Grammie Aleta- Caden knows to drag it across the floor. Jeff used to play with that toy when he was a little boy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller

We all had a really busy but fun weekend. :) On Friday we drove to Drumheller and went to a dinosaur museum. I guess they have found many dinosaur fossels here in Alberta, and it was really interesting to go there and see the different landscapes and such. It was as if you could picture dinosaurs roaming there many many years ago. The first pictures I put up are of Drumheller, where the museum is. Neat, eh? :) Caden LOVED the museum. He crawled everywhere, even places he wasn't supposed to! There is a sign that says "Keep off the exhibits" and then there's our little guy tearing across them! We got Caden a little dinosaur there- I'll make sure I put a picture up. :) We stayed overnight at a hotel and made sure to take Caden in the pool, which he also loved.

So then on Saturday we went to Les and Brett's place (Jeff's Aunt and Uncle) and we all celebrated Jeff's Grandma's birthday. It was nice to see everyone again, and to show them all Caden. He became a pro at climbing stairs there. :) We went out to a few restaurants and Caden was very well behaved (I must confess that I am surprised!). And he wasn't too bad in the car either (it was a 6 hour drive). It was a really fun trip. Caden got to play lots with Grammie and Grampie, and he even played computer games with Uncle Matt, Uncle Stephen, Grampie and Daddy. It's starting early...!!! :)