Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baking Muffins With Auntie Kim

Yesterday Kim came over and Caden helped her make blueberry muffins. He proudly stirred the ingredients and tried to measure them out himself. He had a generous helping of blueberries and even had some Smarties that he poured into a measuring cup. He had fun.

Caden loves his Auntie Kim! Whevener she is over he won't go to bed. Caden loves to go to bed, so his Auntie's visits must be quite special if he'll give up his sookie for them (he can only have his soother when he's in bed, and he can't have it outside of his room- we're trying to wean him off it). While Kim was here I got Caden to say "Thank you, Auntie Kim" for letting him help her bake. When she left I tried for probably the 5th time to get him to bed and he cried and cried. I let him out, he walked straight to the window and said (all on his own, without any prompting) "I love Auntie Kim. Bye Bye Auntie Kim. Thank you- cake". Of course I ran and got the camera to make a video. ;)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Calaway Park

Yesterday we went to Calaway Park and it was so much fun! Jeff got a bunch of free passes to places in the city so that is why we went. But we'll definitely have to go back because Caden loved it there! On Monday we used a pass to go to a pool here that has tons of things for little kids to do. Caden loved that to, and hopefully we can go back next week with Brad, Kristin and December. We'll see... :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daddy's Birthday :)

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday and it was a very fun day. :) Caden helped me bake a cake for his Daddy- I let him help me grease the pan and that might be why I couldn't get the cake to come out of it *smiles*. Caden got a little frightened when he was using the egg beater, but when he was able to lick the batter off he was very happy. :) He loves to help in the kitchen. He'll say "Chair?" and go and get a chair to stand on.

As you can see we put one of Daddy's presents in an Elmo bag (compliments of little Caden- Elmo is his hero right now). And we blew up balloons (well, Mommy did). Caden decided to stack them all up behind the couch. He loved it when Jeff would rub the balloons on his head and make his hair stand up! Caden is almost 2 and still hasn't needed a haircut! :)

I think Jeff had a nice day. Caden and I did some special things for him because we love him so much. :) Caden's Uncle, Stephen, came over in the evening to watch Caden for us while we went to a movie. We weren't able to see the movie we wanted, though. We drove around for hours trying different theatres but no luck. Maybe we'll see if "Ammie" can watch Caden for us and we'll try again soon. :) It was still a nice day, though. Caden would say "Daddy's birthday?". He even helped Jeff blow out the candles on his cake and had lots of kisses for Daddy. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A few new house pics...

1. Hallway out of Caden's room- the picture shows a bathroom for him and then there's the door to our basement.

2. Living room

3. Caden cute little room :)

4. Coming out of Caden's room again- there's a little hall leading to the main rooms

5. Kitchen

6. Living room again (Caden was watching his "Elmo Potty" video and it was teaching him how to wash and dry his hands *grin*) :)

7&8. Basement- Jeff's family may help to frame the basement as early as next month, which is really helpful and nice of them. It is the same square footage as upstairs so we'll have a lot more space once it's complete. There is still another area down there that I didn't show which is where Jeff wants his office. If he can have an office I'm sure he'll be delighted! :) His birthday is on Wednesday and Caden and I have some shopping to do tomorrow. ;)

I didn't show our room because we still have to finish a few things in there. We have a little garage and patio too which is nice. We really like it here, and we especially love all the green space for Caden to run and play. :)

Sick Little Boy

Since Thursday night Caden has had quite a high fever, and it won't go down. He hasn't been himself for a few days. Last night I was up with him most of the night and I ended up sleeping on a mattress in his room because he was getting up so frequently. He has the shakes and cries and cries. Today he's had a little more energy, but he has a ways to go yet. I think I'm going to take him for a walk in his stroller and get him a little shake at Starbucks... :) He loves the strawberry shakes there, and I know he would drink it. From Friday night to this morning he's had no appetite, but atleast he's drinking.

My sister and her fiance came for the weekend and they saw poor Caden at his worst. :( But he still liked having them here, even if he was fussy and grouchy. When he was feeling real sick, Holly read to him and that helped him feel better I think. He loves being read to now. And Nathan put together some of his train set so that got him excited for a bit. In less than 2 weeks Holly and Nathan will be married! It's going to be a busy August for weddings, that's for sure!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Belly...

This picture was taken July 16. I take pictures on my own because I know my sweet husband doesn't have the patience to take as many pictures as I'd like him to until I find one I'll actually post... :) Here I am 27 weeks and 3 days. We have come up with a few other names for the baby that we'll try and keep secret until the baby comes. I've been getting nausea in the evenings again which I never got with Caden, but other then that I am feeling OK. I just hope I don't get too big. I guess we'll have to wait and see! ;)

You'll have to scroll down because I put up two other posts... We just got the internet so I had a lot of catching up to do!

Calgary Stampede

Caden LOVED the Calgary Stampede, and so did Jeff and I! We went last Thursday and had a lot of fun. :) We took Caden to the grounds on the train and I think that was his favourite part of the day! When we got off he waved at the passengers (some waved back) and said, "Bye bye choo choo". It was cute!

When we got there we took Caden on a few rides. Jeff took him on a gigantic slide which Caden loved. He also took him on the carousel, and I took him on a bumble bee ride that went high up when we pulled on a bar. The higher the better for Caden, which surprised me!

We took Caden to the Superdog show and that kept his attention for a while. He was able to watch dogs do all kinds of special tricks. Then Caden took a nap and Jeff and I were able to see some things that we wanted to see without a cranky baby, which was nice! :)

When Caden woke up we took him to the army exhibit at the request of Daddy. :) We also took him to see all kinds of animals. Caden got to watch a cow being milked and, as you can tell from from the look on his face, he was a little confused...

Then we got our little cowboy some cotton candy and caught the train back to our car. All in all it was a great day. I can't wait for the stampede next year!

I also put up a few pictures of Caden with "Ammie" and "Bampie" Jones at their work's stampede breakfast, which they invited us to. Caden was a little grumpy in the pictures because Mommy wouldn't let him play with Bampie's computer and phone. He also had a cold and wasn't feeling well. He's still not quite over it, but he's getting better. :)